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Kingston Football Officials Association (KFOA) is always looking for new recruits. Why not consider a new way to enjoy the spring and fall.

KFOA will provide you with the necessary classroom and field training to become a good on-field football official. Those who have previously played the game may have a head start with rules knowledge and their feel for the game but it is nothing that a little extra effort will not overcome. Becoming a good official simply requires a passion for the game of football, the willingness to study and learn the rules, and putting in the time to officiate games in order to gain experience.

The primary responsibility of any officiating crew is to ensure that the game is played fairly and safely between two opponents. Each individual official on the football crew will be responsible for a particular area of play and will use "keys" to read the play and determine their coverage area. The various areas and "keys" will be based upon which position on the field they are assigned. A good crew is one where each official covers his/her area of responsibility and trusts the other officials to cover theirs. The key is to have fun in the endeavor.  

As you start officiating the benefits you will enjoy are almost too long to list. There are a number of benefits that are enjoyed by all officials. Other benefits are much more personal and are determined on an individual basis:

We Need You

Give it some consideration.